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Cellulite During Pregnancy

drawingDuring pregnancy: Pregnancy does not preclude the practice of physical exercise, however, will have to take into consideration that in the first quarter will get tired more easily. “During this period, if you do too much effort, oxygen may not be enough for the baby, ‘says Christophe Delong.

This expert recommends swimming, walking and gentle gym and discourages riding, judo and other combat sports collectives and throughout pregnancy. In the last quarter, the ideal swimming or water aerobics is slightly under surveillance, he adds, noting that at that time, the sport must be seen as an exercise in oxygenation.

duringPostpartum: For the French physician, postpartum women should turn their attention to the perinea reeducation and abdominal muscles should not be forced too early, since abdominal overpressure can bring down the pelvic organs.
truth about cellulite
The specialist in sports medicine and rehabilitation counseling wait six months after the birth of the baby to resume normal sporting routine. So, without medical advice, these people should not exceed the level of moderate intensity.

After 65 According to Fatima Baptist, older adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity (30 minutes a day, five days per week).
Where is impossible, it is suggested to be as physically active as possible,’ says the expert.

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