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Cellulite During Pregnancy

drawingDuring pregnancy: Pregnancy does not preclude the practice of physical exercise, however, will have to take into consideration that in the first quarter will get tired more easily. “During this period, if you do too much effort, oxygen may not be enough for the baby, ‘says Christophe Delong.

This expert recommends swimming, walking and gentle gym and discourages riding, judo and other combat sports collectives and throughout pregnancy. In the last quarter, the ideal swimming or water aerobics is slightly under surveillance, he adds, noting that at that time, the sport must be seen as an exercise in oxygenation.

duringPostpartum: For the French physician, postpartum women should turn their attention to the perinea reeducation and abdominal muscles should not be forced too early, since abdominal overpressure can bring down the pelvic organs.
truth about cellulite
The specialist in sports medicine and rehabilitation counseling wait six months after the birth of the baby to resume normal sporting routine. So, without medical advice, these people should not exceed the level of moderate intensity.

After 65 According to Fatima Baptist, older adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity (30 minutes a day, five days per week).
Where is impossible, it is suggested to be as physically active as possible,’ says the expert.


Physically Active Lifestyle Reducing Cellulite

Prevent Osteoporosis : Having a physically active lifestyle is not just a cosmetic issue. “At any age, sport accompanies the recovery of bone quality and may prevent osteoporosis, when accompanied by a healthy diet, ‘says Christophe Delong. “

When the muscles contract, the pull on bones increases and this strengthens them
When jumping, dancing or practicing gymnastics, gravity urges the bones and this strengthens them, but even swimming has this effect, “he explains.

Natural antidepressant: Teresa White, “exercise is an antidepressant.”
Fact that the French doctor fully supports, as it has been shown in numerous studies, sport improves mood and reduces the consumption of psychotropic drugs. Hormones regulate themselves more effectively and neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) are present in quantities and have more receptors in the brain, which indicates that they are fighting depression.

Alleviate stress: Teresa White states that ‘stress and anxiety decrease’ with sports.
“After 25 minutes of sport, the body receives a discharge of endorphins into the bloodstream and the brain, which causes a feeling of well-being,” added the French doctor.
 Exceptional Situations involving care plus.
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Fighting Cellulite Is A Common Battle To All Women

Truth about cellulite 3Each session the entire body has an average cost of 70  (50 minutes) and should perform approximately two sessions per month.

Massage to eliminate cellulite


  • Fighting cellulite is a common battle to all women.
  • Treatment Sculpture integral, Photometry can be a good ally because it is a slimming care that works on all fronts, including the reduction of cellulite, fluid retention and reduction of localized fat.
  • Treatment is initiated with effluvia of a sea mist and a serum.
  • Follow up exfoliation of the hips, buttocks and belly with a special sponge.
  • The body is wrapped in a reducing clay knee to waist. While the clay releases slimming ingredients, the therapist massages the scalp and eye of the customer.
  1. Following are a series of maneuvers by the application of a concentrate which increases the serum of drainage and to combat fat storage waist.
  2. The slimming massage concentrates, then the thighs.
  3. Then sprayed a mist that is visibly smoothes cellulite.
  4. The massage ends with the application of specific products attack the toughest nodules.

To complete the treatment, while the patient is involved in a hot towel and has closed eyes, the therapist makes the last invigorating and relaxing gestures. Since the first session, cellulite becomes less visible. In 5 sessions, the belly and thighs become firmer. Each session has an average cost of 70  per session (75 minutes) is recommended five sessions in three weeks.

Free Your Body From The Stress Of Cellulite

-massageMassage that eliminate toxins:
The benefits of this treatment manifest themselves both physically and emotionally.
In addition to free the body from the stress of everyday life, provides a sense of welcome, relieving emotional neediness.

Home massage of this type has an average cost of 60 € per session (40 minutes), and the ideal would be to perform a massage a week.If your intention is to fight toxins, a good hypothesis is to resort to manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a technical manual compression of the tissues, which uses intermittent pressures and aims to increase the flow of lymph circulation.

bodyThe DLM has four basic functions. In addition to detoxify, helps eliminate fluid, activates the immune system and acts as an analgesic. To perform this treatment, the provider performs specific manual maneuvers, covering the body (in whole or localized areas), with the aim of reproducing the contraction of vascular smooth muscle, heading towards the lymph nodes and causing toxins to be released through the kidneys.

Widely used in the field of aesthetic medicine, including pre-and post-operative bruising and swelling decrease, accelerating the process of recovery. skin roller

It is also widely used in the treatment of cellulite, whose accumulation is due to a lack of local movements which causes stagnation of lymph in fat cells. The evacuation of toxins is enhanced naturally, through movements that help the body get rid of impurities that leave you bloated and provide a fictitious volume is one of the great benefits of this treatment.


The Aim Of Cellulite Reducing Massage

Laser Cellullite therapyAfter exfoliation, starts the massage with a soothing milk moisturizer body throughout the body, allowing the skin nutrition. It is a relaxing treatment that promotes a slow, deep hydration pale.

A session ends with a relaxing massage, with long and continuous movements that relieve tension built up in the strategic areas.After the session, the skin regains brightness, smoothness and firmness, and feel a physical wellbeing and mental widespread.

This treatment has an average cost of 70 per session (80 minutes) and ideally should be done in 15 to 15 days to keep your skin hydrated.

celluliteMassage the muscles that unwinding:

  • Want to feel a tremendous relaxation in the muscles? The ideal may be a Hawaiian massage.
  • Lomaloci-, in Hawaiian, means sliding, rubbing, kneading.
  • This massage aims to restore the natural state of harmony and vital energy in the body.
  • The therapist begins by preparing the room with scents, Hawaiian music and warm oil (coconut essence) that will use the massage which begins with the person lying in the prone position (face down).
  • Massage techniques are applied as landslides and snagging and the therapist works with the forearms and palms.
  • The secret is to act simultaneously on the upper and lower limbs.

Thus the brain cannot concentrate and reaches deep relaxation. In a next step, the person then turns to the supine position (face up) and the massage continues, always with the help of coconut oil, applied gradually.