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What is the importance of exercise after giving birth?

Ask the reader: What do I do until I avoid occurrence of sagging abdominal area of the body, and after the birthing process?

Answer professor of medicine and obstetrics diseases sciatica, saying: After a long gestation period, and after great effort exerted at birth, from natural to happen twice or sagging abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

And where it is not expected to return this muscle to normal again, which leads to the following:
Occurrence of sagging in the abdomen, which loses a lot of features of beauty and femininity of women.

The occurrence of weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which works to support and install the pelvic organs such as the uterus, bladder and rectum, leading to the destabilization and the stability of these organs and the occurrence of the fall of one of these organs, such as uterine prolapsed, or fall as a whole, such as the fall of the uterine correlative with the fall of the bladder or the bladder or rectum, or both.

This logic, it is clear the importance of exercise after giving birth, they are working to strengthen these muscles and returned to what it was, or even stronger than I was.
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Surgical Causes Of Constipation In Newborns

338962-13123-46Constipation in children has many causes related to the types of food and feeding method, but newborns depends diets on breast milk or artificial, so you should evaluate the constipation and the exclusion of the reasons surgery before the start of medical treatment, because constipation in newborns show is not expected diet, so you should consult a doctor who specializes in pediatric surgery in the early stages.

images (2)The rift could lead to the contraction of muscle anus, and this causes pain with bowel movements, and Initial treatment in this case is given laxatives even heal the rift and if you did not respond to a child are advised to expand anal under general anesthetic so overcome shrinking muscle anal and hide the pain until healed the rift or wound.
A disease of the first symptoms of constipation after childbirth with the occurrence of bulging abdomen, has delayed this constipation as a symptom by the affected part of the colon, the more Palace that part of late-onset constipation, pointing out that the disease is diagnosed X-ray dye from the anus to the colon, and confirmed the diagnosis by taking a sample of the anus, and the needs of this disease to surgical intervention to eradicate the patient.

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Pointed to causes that lead to constipation at birth, congenital bowel, such as lack of continuity or clogged, and increasing the viscosity directing this may be separate or part of a disease that affects the entire gastrointestinal tract secretions, as well as a host of other rare diseases.