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Transform our bodies to the machine to burn fat

Eating is a natural health treatment to all the organs of the body.
When we want to lose weight we must focus on the following devices, and we know what types of foods that were useful and clean it and increase its effectiveness even operate all these devices together to burn fat stored in the body

Yogurt, Yogurt, yoghurt, bananas, apples, water, white rice, papaya, ginger

Beet, linseed, oats, beans, whole wheat, apostasy, fenugreek, water, barley, yogurt, coffee, curd, mango

Walnuts, green leaf lettuce, cabbage family, garlic, apples, grapefruit, avocado, green tea, beets, carrots, lemon, whole wheat, olive oil, turmeric, Alma

Parsley, watermelon, water, apples, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, onions, red peppers, raspberries, strawberries, apples, cherries, red grapes, egg whites, fish, olive oil

Water, garlic, onions, dark chocolate, oats, fish, salmon, avocado, olive oil, nuts, berries, beans, spinach, linseed.

Berries, nuts, linseed, dark chocolate, salmon, eggs, avocado, coffee, whole wheat
Notably being of water is the most important thing for all devices and whole grains, yogurt, curd, with a variety of vegetables and fruit, you will benefit all devices, and make sure the diversity of vitamins and minerals obtained by the body, so you should eat five different colors of fruits and vegetables at each meal to ensure diversity.
Instructions for converting the body to burn fat family:

  •  Drink 8-10 cups of water a day
  • Eating every 3-5 hours the number of five meals a day
  • Eating natural foods that benefit the body and increase the effectiveness of various organs
  • Practice sports or light movement began with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase to  45 minutes
  • Every meal should contain protein, whether animal or vegetable, fruit or vegetables next to

By following these guidelines you can shift your body to burn fat machine, and begin to lose weight slowly but in a healthy manner not detrimental to any device in the body in order to enjoy the fitness and good health.

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Horoscope Helps You To Lose Weight Faster

Did you try to engage in food diets for losing excess weight and repeated failure to get fit by access to appropriate weight? Does stalled in the middle of the road after the successful attempts lost some weight, but you lost your ability to pursue next? Are you vulnerable to the temptations of delicious food?

Dear reader, do not worry about things we are going through it all, we are all hoping to get a decent appearance and little effort as possible, not because of laziness, but because of the difficulty of changing lifestyle habits followed in foods. Nor is unaware of any of us the importance of sports physical and exercise the body constantly and perseverance to follow the exercises the correct form, but life force us to non-attendance on the exercise, to work and earn a living and improve the living conditions force us to noncompliance not work out regularly, not to mention the tension and discomfort which sometimes causes us to over-eating.

Us to know the impact of astronomical body ready to lose excess weight and get rid of harmful dietary habits and tried to adhere to it as you can sponsor to improve your physical.
Towers firearms (pregnancy and the lion and the bow)

Simmer degrade you and multiply you moving if faced with difficult challenges! Do not lose your patience and continued your efforts in order to reach your goal, whatever the sacrifices. Give your excess weight loss a priority and do not skimp on the effort yourself, it is not the right never to ignore the importance of exercise and self-denying what your heart desires in the midst of the concerns of life. Ignore basic meals and replace snacks of foods rich in fat and some of the fruits of the fruit. You pay much attention to your appearance and personal do not skimp on the same focus on some of these things that may seem unimportant compared to work and earn a living.

Earthen towers (Bull and Virgin and Capricorn)
You are known to extreme eagerness to follow the rules of decency in dealing with others and not to embarrass one if you are asked something or invited you to share what is, and therein lays the problem! If you really want to lose weight do not respond to invites you to eat foods rich in fat you are unfamiliar dealt with, especially if you are experiencing an increase in weight. Do not be ashamed of colleagues to reject offers one of their fast food, it is much better than to respond to them and gain more weight. Well know the amount of calories they contain your meals and stay away from whatever you’re sure more fat. Focus on your goal and do not let any other things prevent you from accessing it.

Towers industries (Gemini and Libra and Capricorn)
Known for those who are born in the towers themselves, must have ability to teach the system. But when it comes to food at you harden yourself a little bit. To reach perfection in your prospect has problems you have in the indispensable encounter obstacles frustrated. Do not underestimate the efforts that limited them persevere and continue to do them, they are much better than the enormous efforts that interrupted her either because of laziness or because of injury bored. Always remember that the simple secret of success and perseverance, continuity is your path to achieving your goals.

Water towers (Scorpio and Cancer and Pisces)
Swimming and diving will guarantee that feeling hungry and that foods and sweets which they relate. Instead of thinking about eating warmed up memories of the old connects you with their good relations or hopes of some future projects that will improve the living your affairs.

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Weight & Fat loss Helps To Combat Irregular Heartbeat

Recent studies have confirmed that people who suffer from overweight or obese, but they can reduce the risk and protect themselves from the deadly heart problems and erratic strikes by losing a lot of pounds and excess fat.

Research has shown that medical loss obese for about 15 kilograms on average, or a little less reduces bouts of heart palpitations related to atria fibrillation, according to the latest medical research conducted by the “American Heart Association”, was published in the latest issue of the magazine, “the American Medical Association.”

heart attack

And “atria fibrillation” is a disorder in the electrical impulses to coordinate the heartbeat signals rapid and irregular in the upper two rooms – the atria is what increases a person’s risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers found that people who have succeeded in following a strict plan to reduce weight witnessed a decline in the rate of 5 times the symptoms of fibrillation compared with those who did not succeed in reducing their weight.

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An Apple A Day Keeps Heart Attacks & Stroke Away?

doctor If every man over the age of 50 years ate an apple a day, thousands of premature deaths from heart attack and stroke could be avoided every year, according to a new British scientific research, which is known to justify the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away. ” Researchers said that fruits like apples seem to benefit cardiovascular health almost as much as “miracle” drugs such as statins that lower high cholesterol.Heart attack

Scientists explained that, over the apples, similar benefits are many other fruits, it is enough to eat every day. Chief of the team of researchers Dr. Adam Briggs of Oxford University, who made ​​the date of publication in the British medical journal “British Medical Journal “, according to the BBC, came to this conclusion based on computer models rather than direct scientific research on a sample of the population.  According to calculations, for adults of all ages ate an extra serving of fruits or vegetables each day, a country like Britain could avoid up to 11,000 deaths annually from cardiovascular causes. While if the habit were all people over 50, then the “gain” would be about 8,500 fewer premature strong heartdeaths (respectively statins would save about 9,400 lives). Experts recommend at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, But something that most people do not keep.

Illustration, an apple contains approximately zero amount of salt and cholesterol, only 0.09 grams of fat and 1.39 grams of fiber.