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Weight & Fat loss Helps To Combat Irregular Heartbeat

Recent studies have confirmed that people who suffer from overweight or obese, but they can reduce the risk and protect themselves from the deadly heart problems and erratic strikes by losing a lot of pounds and excess fat.

Research has shown that medical loss obese for about 15 kilograms on average, or a little less reduces bouts of heart palpitations related to atria fibrillation, according to the latest medical research conducted by the “American Heart Association”, was published in the latest issue of the magazine, “the American Medical Association.”

heart attack

And “atria fibrillation” is a disorder in the electrical impulses to coordinate the heartbeat signals rapid and irregular in the upper two rooms – the atria is what increases a person’s risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers found that people who have succeeded in following a strict plan to reduce weight witnessed a decline in the rate of 5 times the symptoms of fibrillation compared with those who did not succeed in reducing their weight.

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An Apple A Day Keeps Heart Attacks & Stroke Away?

doctor If every man over the age of 50 years ate an apple a day, thousands of premature deaths from heart attack and stroke could be avoided every year, according to a new British scientific research, which is known to justify the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away. ” Researchers said that fruits like apples seem to benefit cardiovascular health almost as much as “miracle” drugs such as statins that lower high cholesterol.Heart attack

Scientists explained that, over the apples, similar benefits are many other fruits, it is enough to eat every day. Chief of the team of researchers Dr. Adam Briggs of Oxford University, who made ​​the date of publication in the British medical journal “British Medical Journal “, according to the BBC, came to this conclusion based on computer models rather than direct scientific research on a sample of the population.  According to calculations, for adults of all ages ate an extra serving of fruits or vegetables each day, a country like Britain could avoid up to 11,000 deaths annually from cardiovascular causes. While if the habit were all people over 50, then the “gain” would be about 8,500 fewer premature strong heartdeaths (respectively statins would save about 9,400 lives). Experts recommend at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, But something that most people do not keep.

Illustration, an apple contains approximately zero amount of salt and cholesterol, only 0.09 grams of fat and 1.39 grams of fiber.