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What is the importance of exercise after giving birth?

Ask the reader: What do I do until I avoid occurrence of sagging abdominal area of the body, and after the birthing process?

Answer professor of medicine and obstetrics diseases sciatica, saying: After a long gestation period, and after great effort exerted at birth, from natural to happen twice or sagging abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

And where it is not expected to return this muscle to normal again, which leads to the following:
Occurrence of sagging in the abdomen, which loses a lot of features of beauty and femininity of women.

The occurrence of weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which works to support and install the pelvic organs such as the uterus, bladder and rectum, leading to the destabilization and the stability of these organs and the occurrence of the fall of one of these organs, such as uterine prolapsed, or fall as a whole, such as the fall of the uterine correlative with the fall of the bladder or the bladder or rectum, or both.

This logic, it is clear the importance of exercise after giving birth, they are working to strengthen these muscles and returned to what it was, or even stronger than I was.
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10 Habits To Keep Your Young

Come on guys come with us to acquaint yourselves on the morning habits of young people and that gives you energy and make you to start your day off is not laziness or boredom, and these habits are:

• The use of perfume characteristic: the use of one type of perfume will make you permanently distinctive among all your friends and acquaintances, especially if it has the smell of perfume.

• Caffeine: drinking coffee or green tea on a daily basis gives you a face free of acne and fat, and full of life.

• Facial Cleanser: Facial Cleanser helps in getting rid of excess skin and cleans the pores and makes the face brighter and freshness in a short period.

• Eat a healthy lunch: It is not necessary to go back home every day in order to eat healthy food, accompanied by your family, but you can do this only twice a week to enjoy a healthy body and a good physical condition.

• Push-ups: Perform a set of push-ups and performed for 100 times until you activate your body and impact directly on the biceps.

• Shave: shave for 5 minutes in the morning every day Stbadk for any awkward position, and will not make you need to escape from work in order to get rid of the beard before meeting your manager or go on a date.

• Eye cream: Cosmetic is used to remove the effects of fatigue and wrinkles in the eye area, which makes you enjoy the appearance of youth for a longer period.

• Brush your teeth: Use a toothbrush directly after breakfast to enjoy refreshing the mouth and teeth clean throughout the day.

• Eat breakfast full of energy: it is always advised to eat a healthy breakfast integrated, contains carbohydrates and protein in adequate quantities.

• Exercise: You need to exercise on a regular basis by going to the gym or engage in exercises jogging, walking on a daily basis to maintain your weight.

Gene Therapy Restores Vision In A Rare Form Of Blindness

eyessurgery British scientists using a new gene therapy failed to restore a degree of vision in six patients aged 35-63 years suffering from a rare congenital disease, the chorioeiderimia, causing blindness. It was the first clinical trial of treatment and was a relative success.

eyeDoctors are optimistic that in the future a similar treatment could be used in the most common forms of blindness such as macular degeneration due to aging, which affects about one in four people over 75 years and will researchers, led by Professor Robert MacLaren surgery, they made ​​after publication in the medical journal “Lancet”, according to the BBC and the “New Scientist”, replaced-with the help of a genetically modified virus harmless ‘vehicle’ – a defective gene in cells (photoreceptors) eye of patients, which made ​​the latter sensitive to light again.

BLINDPatients with chorioeiderimia (which affects about one person in 50,000) photo-sensitive cells retinal lens gradually destroyed and the patient slowly loses his sight. The disease, which primarily affects males, is caused by a defective gene, CHM, on chromosome X. The new treatment-that “works” only if the cells of the eye are not completely destroyed by the disease are not fully re-vision, but the significantly improved. Six patients monitored n c if the improvement of vision proved permanent, then the gene therapy will be implemented promptly and in younger patients, in order not to lose almost all their light. Although future clinical trials are successful (the next, with 30 patients, will start in 2015), then the new treatment is expected to be formally approved after about five years. As McLaren said, “the chorioeiderimia shows some similarities with the macular degeneration, as well as the therapeutic goal is the same cells.

We do not know yet in which genes to focus our attention on macular degeneration, but now we know how to do. “