The Aim Of Cellulite Reducing Massage

Laser Cellullite therapyAfter exfoliation, starts the massage with a soothing milk moisturizer body throughout the body, allowing the skin nutrition. It is a relaxing treatment that promotes a slow, deep hydration pale.

A session ends with a relaxing massage, with long and continuous movements that relieve tension built up in the strategic areas.After the session, the skin regains brightness, smoothness and firmness, and feel a physical wellbeing and mental widespread.

This treatment has an average cost of 70 per session (80 minutes) and ideally should be done in 15 to 15 days to keep your skin hydrated.

celluliteMassage the muscles that unwinding:

  • Want to feel a tremendous relaxation in the muscles? The ideal may be a Hawaiian massage.
  • Lomaloci-, in Hawaiian, means sliding, rubbing, kneading.
  • This massage aims to restore the natural state of harmony and vital energy in the body.
  • The therapist begins by preparing the room with scents, Hawaiian music and warm oil (coconut essence) that will use the massage which begins with the person lying in the prone position (face down).
  • Massage techniques are applied as landslides and snagging and the therapist works with the forearms and palms.
  • The secret is to act simultaneously on the upper and lower limbs.

Thus the brain cannot concentrate and reaches deep relaxation. In a next step, the person then turns to the supine position (face up) and the massage continues, always with the help of coconut oil, applied gradually.


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