Physically Active Lifestyle Reducing Cellulite

Prevent Osteoporosis : Having a physically active lifestyle is not just a cosmetic issue. “At any age, sport accompanies the recovery of bone quality and may prevent osteoporosis, when accompanied by a healthy diet, ‘says Christophe Delong. “

When the muscles contract, the pull on bones increases and this strengthens them
When jumping, dancing or practicing gymnastics, gravity urges the bones and this strengthens them, but even swimming has this effect, “he explains.

Natural antidepressant: Teresa White, “exercise is an antidepressant.”
Fact that the French doctor fully supports, as it has been shown in numerous studies, sport improves mood and reduces the consumption of psychotropic drugs. Hormones regulate themselves more effectively and neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) are present in quantities and have more receptors in the brain, which indicates that they are fighting depression.

Alleviate stress: Teresa White states that ‘stress and anxiety decrease’ with sports.
“After 25 minutes of sport, the body receives a discharge of endorphins into the bloodstream and the brain, which causes a feeling of well-being,” added the French doctor.
 Exceptional Situations involving care plus.
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