Free Your Body From The Stress Of Cellulite

-massageMassage that eliminate toxins:
The benefits of this treatment manifest themselves both physically and emotionally.
In addition to free the body from the stress of everyday life, provides a sense of welcome, relieving emotional neediness.

Home massage of this type has an average cost of 60 € per session (40 minutes), and the ideal would be to perform a massage a week.If your intention is to fight toxins, a good hypothesis is to resort to manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a technical manual compression of the tissues, which uses intermittent pressures and aims to increase the flow of lymph circulation.

bodyThe DLM has four basic functions. In addition to detoxify, helps eliminate fluid, activates the immune system and acts as an analgesic. To perform this treatment, the provider performs specific manual maneuvers, covering the body (in whole or localized areas), with the aim of reproducing the contraction of vascular smooth muscle, heading towards the lymph nodes and causing toxins to be released through the kidneys.

Widely used in the field of aesthetic medicine, including pre-and post-operative bruising and swelling decrease, accelerating the process of recovery. skin roller

It is also widely used in the treatment of cellulite, whose accumulation is due to a lack of local movements which causes stagnation of lymph in fat cells. The evacuation of toxins is enhanced naturally, through movements that help the body get rid of impurities that leave you bloated and provide a fictitious volume is one of the great benefits of this treatment.


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