Fighting Cellulite Is A Common Battle To All Women

Truth about cellulite 3Each session the entire body has an average cost of 70  (50 minutes) and should perform approximately two sessions per month.

Massage to eliminate cellulite


  • Fighting cellulite is a common battle to all women.
  • Treatment Sculpture integral, Photometry can be a good ally because it is a slimming care that works on all fronts, including the reduction of cellulite, fluid retention and reduction of localized fat.
  • Treatment is initiated with effluvia of a sea mist and a serum.
  • Follow up exfoliation of the hips, buttocks and belly with a special sponge.
  • The body is wrapped in a reducing clay knee to waist. While the clay releases slimming ingredients, the therapist massages the scalp and eye of the customer.
  1. Following are a series of maneuvers by the application of a concentrate which increases the serum of drainage and to combat fat storage waist.
  2. The slimming massage concentrates, then the thighs.
  3. Then sprayed a mist that is visibly smoothes cellulite.
  4. The massage ends with the application of specific products attack the toughest nodules.

To complete the treatment, while the patient is involved in a hot towel and has closed eyes, the therapist makes the last invigorating and relaxing gestures. Since the first session, cellulite becomes less visible. In 5 sessions, the belly and thighs become firmer. Each session has an average cost of 70  per session (75 minutes) is recommended five sessions in three weeks.

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